Tuna fishing:
The bluefin tuna fish is one of the most strong fishies and it is a great fight with this wonderful fish.
The sea round Dugi otok is an ideal position.
For the beginner or the expert, we will be glad to fish with you!!!
Sandy beach of Saharun, 2 minutes by car or 20 minutes walking.
The Lighthouse bays with round white stones surrounded by pine trees, 10 minutes by car.
The charming Veli Zal beach.
In front of the house there is no beach, but you can swim.
Motorboat rental:
At Gorgonia you can also hire a boat in order to visit the surroundings.
Excursion to the KORNATI:
We organize a day excursion to the Kornati, the National marine park. A motorboat will take you to see part of the 150 islands. You’ll have the chance to swim,
eat fresh grilled fish and other genuine specialities under chilly olive trees.
There are wonderful places where to dive and not far from our village Verunic.
The diving school is in the neighbourhood.
We are specialized in fishing. We suggest to visit us in spring and autumn, because the fishing results are more successful.
there is no traffic on the island and for this reason it is a pleasure to ride the bike.
October is the month to berry olives.Follow the inhabitants in that old tradition and feel involved in the way of living of the island. You will have the chance to see the pressing process of those fruits. The result is amazing: the olives are pressed just once by a stone wheel and the extra virgin olive oil is superb. In commerce it is not possible to find it!
Visiting the harbours of the submarines:
It is fun to explore the forsaken submarines harbours built after the Second World War. With a lamp and some courage you’ll be ready to go on discovery.
  The cave Strašna peć (Frightful furnace):
The cave Strašna peć (Frightful furnace) is an interesting tourist and historical destination. Due to it`s fascinating beauty, even the Austro-Hungarian emporer Franz Joseph visited it in 1904.
Strašna peć has a monumental entrance which is 10m wide and 7m tall. Joined stalactites and stalagmites  created the space like the gothic cathedral arches. The thrilling picturesque first hall will suprise you, and the whole cave has a romantic touch.
Visiting Zadar:
We gladly help you organize an excursion to the city of Zadar. There you can visit the old town with its monuments, the coloured fruit and vegetables market and the nice small shops and caffes in narrow streets.