Discover the Island on two Wheels

One of the beautiful things in life is a cycling vacation by the sea. Above all Croatia is an incredible land that will enchant you from the first moment. For instance it offers an absolutely clear sea with all shades of blue. Thus visiting its coasts by bike gives you the opportunity to proceed in a slow way being involved in the unspoiled nature of enchanted places.

Dugi otok is one of the best islands in Croatia. In particular its paths take you to places that have remained unchanged in time. Specifically on two wheels you will be catapulted into places with incredible scenery rich in the scent of wild herbs, bays, natural parks and cliffs overlooking the sea.

For this reason put on your helmet, fill your water bottle and get ready to discover Dugi otok.

The lighthouse trail

Firstly the lighthouse trail begins at the vacation rental in Verunic.This paved trail takes cyclists on a quiet tour among the back roads of rural Dugi otok. For instance this street connects the villages to the tallest lighthouse of Croatia. Moreover cyclists enjoy the street with very few hills or grades. This is namely a pleasant trip for the whole family with children.
Most important at the lighthouse there is a camping area with two nice pebble beach. Afterwards you can can cool off in the sea.

The Sakarun beach trail

Secondly the Sakarun beach trail begins at your apartment sea front. Of course this trail is a popular path through the nature till Sakarun beach with it emerald green waters. At the start the street is paved then you proceed off road. This breezy coastal ride showcases nature’s beauty. Besides the path is along the sea which takes you to a promontory with spectacular views on the open sea. Often dolphins are playing in this sea area. To illustrate this trail offers dynamic course for beginner- to intermediate-level cyclists. Riders stop for refreshments at the two outdoor cafes.

The Verunić trail

The Verunic trail begins at our vacation rental. It is a short off-road ride that offers scenic views till the sea on the other side of the hill. Moreover you’ll meet just some farmers working on their land. Fot this purpose bring picnic with you and have a long swim in the clear water.

Verunic – Soline trail

In addition there is the Verunic- Soline trail which begins at your apartments door. This paved trail passes the spectacular wreck where you should stop snorkelling and refreshing in the blue sea.

Verunic – Sali trail

Finally the Verunic – Sali trail begins at Gorgonia apartments. Riding in this area offers intermediate to expert bicyclists scenic views from the open sea to one side and to the other the islands around Zadar. It is a long paved trail with many elevations.  It is the longest paved street of the island.

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