Renting the Boat

Jump in the boat and leave

We have the Dugi otok boat rental for your needs – for any type of our Dugi otok fishing or diving and snorkelling adventures. All is ready to go so you can enjoy every day of your stay in our crystal clear waters. Safety equipment, shadow on board, ropes and anchor are standard and our friendly staff will be happy to familiarize you with the boat prior to use. We even can provide fishing rods, tow-along toys for fun and more. You’ll have the chance to snorkel around a wreck, swim in a sandy bay just reachable by boat.


Miriam and Gianni

23287 Veli Rat – Verunic, Dugi otok, Croatia
Tel: 00385 91 737 9823

Reservation center in wintertime:
Tel. 0041-76 308 54 41

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