Holiday in Croatia with the dog

To begin with there are many guests who want to spend their vacations in Dugi otok with their dog. For example they ask us about a pet friendly apartment in Croatia by the sea. In other words due to the many questions we came up with the idea of writing the following blog in order to answer the many requests.
First of all you have to know that the island of Dugi is sparsely populated. Specifically the tourists are few even when the vacation accommodations reach the maximum capacity. Because to this fact dogs have many free open spaces.
In addition the type of pet friendly vacation rentals besides to our apartments
are really suitable for accommodating these dear family pets.

For us the concept of vacation is always a moment of conviviality and happiness for the whole family. The dog Max is always part of this concept.

Travelling with dogs on the ferry in Croatia

Firstly yes, you can take your dog on the Jadrolinija ferries especially on the line Zadar Gazenica Brbinj. The ferries are pet friendly but on board the dog must always be on a leash. In other words the regulation for instance says that the dog must also have a muzzle if he has a large size.

Secondly dogs can occupy all outdoor spaces on the ferry but not the salon. The ferry is wide and during the navigation the dog can therefore be on the external upper decks. In addition the route is easy because the steps are low.

Futhermore the outside chairs for the passengers are comfortable. The view that you enjoy during the trip is as well wonderful. In particular after the long journey spent at the wheel of the car you can finally relax and breathe in the pure air with Mediterranean scents. Meanwhile the slow progress of the ferry and the light breeze that caresses the skin already gives you the feeling of being on vacation !

Upon arrival on the island you can smell the scent of pine trees that cover the hill. Moreover the green nature reflects in the sea and the sandy bottom colors the water turquoise. In other words you would like to jump in immediately!
You feel the emotion and you know that you are in the right place.

Meanwhile you arrive the ferry docks in the village of Brbinj that is halfway across the island. From here your pet friendly apartment is reachable in a few minutes, whether it is located north or south of Dugi otok. Moreover you reach Dugi otok in ninety minutes by ferry from the town Zadar. In particular the connection with the mainland is good since there are several daily trips.

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Croatia pet friendly vacation rentals

Firstly when you choose an apartment always check that it is dog friendly. Here are some tips for choosing in which area of the island to look for pet friendly vacation rentals.

For instance the north of Dugi otok specifically the area of the villages Verunic, Veli Rat and Soline is closely connected with the beaches and is protected from the naturalistic point of view. In particular it is a nature park. Above all here you will find the most beautiful beaches of Dugi otok and many coves where to walk with the dog.

Therefore those villages are small and it is indeed a pure pleasure to wake up early in the morning and go for a walk. With this in mind here your small friend feels like swimming in the sea because in the early hours of the day it is always calm with a flat surface.

For example we notice that our dog Max goes crazy with happiness when chasing the many little crabs on the piers of the village. Every time he is happy to see the seagulls perched peacefully on the light poles. In particular he knows how to spend hours in the sea with a slice of bread watching the little fish take tiny bites. So that he grabs the bread with a few small fish and eats it like delicious sashimi.

Similarly in the south of Dugi otok the villages of Sali, Zaglav, Zman and Luka are larger and more populated but here too you will find pet friendly apartments. Specifically here you are closer to the Telascica Nature Park where nature is beautiful and pleasant for dogs as well.

Finally you have to know that wherever you decide to stay in Dugi otok you will reach the opposite end of the island in 45 minutes by car.
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Dog friendly beaches in Croatia

Above all here in Croatia dogs are loved and there are many dog friendly places. Especially on the island of Dugi otok there are several beaches where you can take your dog.

Futhermore there are many bays and coves near the villages of Verunic, Veli Rat and Soline where dogs are welcome. Moreover these places offer shade and allow you to spend the day having a picnic.  Also the dog can stay in complete freedom and you`ll enjoy the sea and the light mistral breeze.

Finally we mention the beach of Sakarun. It is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia so that it is also the one with the greatest number of tourists. As a result here the dog is allowed only in low season. Therefore at the entrance of the beach there is a sign indicating the prohibition.

There are in particular ten of us all sitting at the same table. We didn’t know each other but now we start chatting. Firstly we share a meal of fresh fish and tomato salad. Secondly we enjoy the taste of the olive oil. It is divine and home made. At the end of the meal we all buy one bottle.

Telascica Nature Park

Firstly Telascica Park is of great scenic value. For instance it is situated south of Dugi otok and includes a very deep bay with 13 small islands. Here you truly have very high cliffs overlooking the sea from which you enjoy a wonderful view.
Furthermore the view extends to where the sea and sky meet on the horizon towards the Kornati National Park. In particular you feel small in front of these huge rocks. It is certainly an emotion to experience.

For instance the entrance to the Telascica Park costs about 5 Euro per person. The dog is indeed welcome but you must keep him on a leash.

It is above all absolutely worth a visit! Specifically keep in mind that during high season the place is very crowded. So that we recommend to come early in the morning or late in the afternoon. In particular you will consequently avoid large groups visiting the park by boat. Likewise you avoid the heat that is almost torrid in summer.

Finally for a virtual tour and information
In particular when there are no tourists our dog Max likes to swimm in the lake Mir situated inside the park Telascica.

Kornati National Park with dog

Take above all advantage of this beautiful day trip with your dog.

The excursion starts from Sali or Zaglav almost every morning at 9.30 am. This is indeed an almost private excursion because there are maximum 12 people on board. The boats are in particular made of wood and always offer an area with shaddow that provides shelter from the hot sun.

Most important choose an excursion that includes a stop on one of the islands for lunch and a swim because not all excursions provide that service. This resting time is really important for the dog. So that the excursion will be a day also for him.
This tour is absolutely to recommend !

For example our dear friends organize the excursion. They have been doing it with love and passion for generations.
The boats are pet friendly and the tour for them is free of charge.

Info gorgonia

Our Golden retriever often comes with us to the Kornati.

Croatia pet friendly boat rentals and fishing

During the morning you can rent a boat with sun shade. Especially the dog can stay in the shade and come ashore whenever you do. In this way you can truly discover hidden corners and experience the sea at the water’s edge. It gives energy and beautiful emotions. In other words you can reach stretches of coast otherwise unreachable.

For secifically information on boat rental or fishing from the shore
In particular for fishermen from the rocks there are places facing the open sea where the seabed descends very steeply to the seabed. Above all in these places in particular you are surrounded by many small puddles where the sea water is stuck and on sunny summer days sea salt is created.

Our dog Max for exaple loves to spend time in the slightly deeper pools. Particularly because these are full of life. There are many sea creatures moving around in them. This is a specifically interesting and entertaining hobby !

Dugi otok trails

Start from your pet friendly vacation rental with your dog and discover the surroundings. Specifically in Verunic there are many trails near to the village. Here you can above all reach several beautiful bays and coves in a short time.

For example you can take an early morning walk to the beautiful beach of Sakarun and to the peninsula of Cape Lopata. The following day you can reach the big lighthouse of Veli Rat, the highest in Croatia. There are really a lot of paths to take that are not visible from the car.

Here are some ideas for hiking and biking trails

Dog friendly restaurant in Croatia

First of all in Croatia almost all restaurants by the sea are dog friendly. Even though we recommend to inform yourself in advance if dogs are welcome.
In particular on the island of Dugi otok wherever you go to the restaurant your friend is very welcome!

For example at Grill Gorgonia in Verunic they almost serve the dogs with a bowl of fresh water before bringing drinks to their owners!
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We are Miriam and Gianni, sea and good food lovers. We like spending our evenings drinking wine and chatting with our guests.

We speak several languages and this opens our doors to the world.

We love Dugi otok and to share our experiences about the island.

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