Gay travel in Croatia

First of all we have to make an important consideration. Croatia is a Catholic country and therefore gays and the lgbt community are accepted but not celebrated. Secondly we must point out that we are not gay. Namely we refer to stories and considerations of dear friends close to us and their experiences.

Croatia gay travel where to go

At first in Croatia homosexuality is legal and the gay scene is mainly concentrated in the capital Zagreb and the city Dubrovnik. Besides that now you still have to decide where to spend the holidays because vacation days are never infinite.

Secondly Croatia is a country that offers spectacular natural scenery and every corner has its own charm. For this purpose the choice of the place can be based on a naturalistic attraction or based on the gastronomy.

Furthermore the cuisine is good everywhere but it differs a lot from the area in which you are. For example in continental Croatia there are plenty of caloric dishes based on meat and sauces while on the coast there is preference of Mediterranean lighter cuisine based on fish and sea foods.

In particular the climate has a great influence on the diet of people. Likewise on the coasts the climate is Mediterranean with hot and dry summers whereas winters are mild and pretty rainy. On the contrary the inland has a continental climat with cold winters and heavy snowfalls.

As a result we still have to decide where to go. For instance in our opinion in Croatia you feel fully on vacation when you reach the sea. In our minds the island embodies the very best in the concept of vacations and do nothing.

Accordingly to that thought if and only if you don’t like nightlife and crowds of people we recommend a vacation on Dugi otok one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia.

Dugi otok gay travel

Specifically this island is located in the Adriatic Sea and compared to the position of famous Roman city Zadar it is the more external of the archipelago. Moreover Dugi otok has an amazing landscape. As a result the Croatian tourist office promotes the entire nation using some pics of Dugi otok.

The journey to the island takes 90 minutes from Zadar Gazenica. Here you find information about the ferry schedule. Take note that the arrival harbour is Brbinj.

In particular in Dugi otok life flows slowly. For this reason the best way to experience the island is to take off the watch and follow your instincts. Thus you live the day enjoying every moment and following the position of the sun.

At the same time in the evening you eat dinner not because the clock reminds the time but because the sun has set. After at night you find yourself enveloped by a wonderful starry sky. For instance one of the evening pastimes is to recognize and name the celestial constellations perhaps with the help of an application on the mobile.

Of course here on Dugi otok you will forget the day of the week. It will only be you and the untouched nature.

For instance we must remember that we are on an island where the gay population is very low. In winter the local population is quite old as there is no employment for young people.
Therefore written that if you are looking for a comfortable gay friendly accomodation you fid it sea front in the village of Verunic. Here you can find information.

In particular at Gorgonia Apartments you receive a kind welcome and information about what to do in Dugi otok. If you like sports you get free bikes and kayaks to reach hidden bays. In addition for those who love cuisine with fresh local ingredients you can pamper yourself !

Gay beaches in Dugi otok Croatia

In fact on the island there are no beaches specifically for gays or nudists. However there are many places where you can spend the whole days at the sea without seeing anyone.
Especially Sakarun is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Therefore we recommend you to visit it. However not in July and August when it is really crowded by families with small children because there the seabed slopes very gently.
Then go to the beach of Veli Zal. To illustrate the bay faces the open sea and for this reason we recommend to visit it in the morning. The colors of the sea are truly particularly beautiful and the sea is absolutely smooth.
In other words if you seek solitude it is enough not to stop directly on the beach but walk beyond where there are tiny bays where privacy is guaranteed.

Similarly there are two beaches near the big lighthouse of Veli Rat which is also as the highest in Croatia. Move away from the two beaches and reach solitary spots either facing the open sea or towards the Pantera bay.

Many people ask us if the beaches are pet friendly. Yes, they are and here you get some information.





We are Miriam and Gianni, sea and good food lovers. We like spending our evenings drinking wine and chatting with our guests.

We speak several languages and this opens our doors to the world.

We love Dugi otok and to share our experiences about the island.

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