Croatia beach with sand

Firstly, imagine standing in front of the open sea with Caribbean sand under your feet stretching as far as the eye can see into the horizon.  Would you like to dive into this sea?
In fact, we are on one of Croatia’s rare sandy beaches on the almost unknown island of Dugi otok in Croatia.


Croatia beach best

Secondly the beach in question is located on the north of Dugi otok island near the big lighthouse of Veli Rat. While on one side it is surrounded by pine trees that offer shade and coolness on hot summer days, despite on the other there are bars and small restaurants where you find tasty snacks and ice cream.

Moreover, there is the huge pay parking lot partly in the shade of the pines. In addition, the cashier sits at the entrance and is always willing to give some useful information.

In our opinion it is best to visit the beach in the early morning hours or towards evening to avoid the crowd. Lastly keep in mind, that while you are lying towards the sea the sun sets behind you, so in the evening you will not taste the rays on your face.

Croatia beach holidays

Thirdly the sand is one of those elements that captures us from childhood and we still remember the first sand castle built on the beach. These carefree moments remain in our hearts.
Besides the beach of Sakarun in Dugi otok  about which we have already written in the previous blog, is a soft carpet under your feet with fascinating colours both above and below the sea.

Furthermore, this beach has accumulations of algae named poseidonia that the sea especially in the winter months throws on the coast. Namely this dry grass creates a natural carpet that does not give a great annoyance and is protected at the naturalistic level.

Before the tourist season, large excavators collect part of the poseidonia and pile it up on the sides of the bay, where it remains and over time ends up crumbling to become part of the natural paving of the bay.

Croatia beach calm

For example, if you put on your mask and observe the life under the surface the sea in Croatia will amaze you even more. In addition, in the Adriatic Sea there are a thousand shades of blue, turquoise and emerald, and the sandy beach of Dugi otok has them all.

Due to the fact that the temperature of the sea in Croatia is never very high even in summer, but in the warmer months of the year it is always very pleasant. For instance, in spring, the sun is so hot that in May we can dive in for the first swim of the tourist season. As well as in autumn the days become shorter, but the sea has warmed up under the hot summer sun and a swim is always pleasant and possible.

In addition, Sakarun beach has a seabed that slopes very gently towards the open sea and is well suited as a playground for children, for beginning swimmers and for group games with the ball. The place is also great for practicing sup: it is always exciting to see the shadow of the board sliding on the white sand.

Sandy beach on the island Dugi otok 

Finally in the evening on the sandy beach of Croatia there are no artificial lights and you can enjoy the natural spectacle of the starry sky. At a certain time, millions of stars light up in the sky. We like to lie on the beach to observe the constellations and spot the stars we know.

Moreover, on summer evenings the sandy beach of Dugi otok is filled with sailboats that enjoy the nature of the place and spend the night in the roadstead. At the top of their masts, they turn on their position lights which together with the starry sky contribute to the suggestive atmosphere of the place.

If you feel like experiencing a scene from the movies, free your feet from the sandals and dive into the sea of Croatia. Your legs move the plankton creating a spectacular trail of light. After pamper yourself with the warm summer breeze and warm yourself on the soft sand.

Where to stay Croatia beach

In conclusion if you want to spend your vacations in Croatia in an apartment by the sea, the island of Dugi otok offers many possibilities. If you are looking for something more than just an accommodation Gorgonia Apartments in Verunic is a small family complex that has been welcoming guests with kindness and sympathy for years.

A small grocery store is on the ground floor where the baker brings bread and pastries every morning. By the sea, the restaurant with its grill offers guests the opportunity to see the food cooking on the embers. In addition to the information centre, you can rent kayaks, boat, sup and bicycles.

To summarize you find more information on the website of Gorgonia Apartments
Finf information about Croatia in general on the website of the Croatian tourist office




We are Miriam and Gianni, sea and good food lovers. We like spending our evenings drinking wine and chatting with our guests.

We speak several languages and this opens our doors to the world.

We love Dugi otok and to share our experiences about the island.

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