7 days on the Croatian island Dugi otok

Firstly we have to know that Long Island in croatian means Dugi otok. Specifically it measures 60 km in length and 2 in width. In particular it is located in the Adriatic Sea.

Secondly is that for many years the island was just a paradise for sailing vacations because of the difficult access by land. But in the last few decades Dugi otok is now popular for all specifically thanks to the international airport in Zadar.  In fact the airport makes it for exaple possible to get closer to the major European cities. Futhermore the ferry connections between Dugi otok and the mainland are good and efficient.

In this guide to visit Dugi otok in 7 days we will show you the perfect route to get to know its corners and to make you fall in love.
And now we begin with the discovery of Dugi otok in 7 days.

Dugi otok travel guide first day in Sakarun beach

Firstly start the day with a tasty breakfast on the balcony of your self cartering accomodation. Secondly go to the beach of Sakarun. Here you finally have a swim in this turquoise water that reconciles you certainly with life!
The seabed of the beach is shallow so that you enjoy to get beached. Above all we love the feeling of the sweet doing nothing. We like to lay there and to read a book. Futhermore we love to relax and watch the local kids play the game picigin with a ball.
Moreover there are places on the side of the bay to have a drink and to eat.
To get more tips we refer to the Sakarun beach
blog https://www.gorgonia.hr/sakarun-beach-3/

After spend the evening in one of the beachfront restaurants where you enjoy local cuisine.

Dugi otok travel guide second day in Veli Zal beach

During the morning go to the beach Veli Zal. In our opinion it is in particular the most beautiful place in Dugi otok. With this in mind we suggest to arrive early in the morning. Above all you will be struck by the wonderful colors of the sea.
Take a place in the wooden Robinson hut that someone built in the past. Enjoy to lay on the white pebbles. The stones are so round that they look like small eggs.

This place is so beautiful that you will be sorry to leave it!

After take the car and go to the village Bozava. This is in particular the nicest village on Dugi otok. The old houses are gathered around the church of St. Peter and Paul Nikola that dates back to the ninth century. The small harbor is full of fishing boats and in the center of the bay there is the Diving club. 
We like to take a long walk along the sea and then stop for an ice cream and a good coffee. Meanwhile we watch the arrivals and departures of the sailing boats. The crews prepare the boats for the night and at the same time the port employees provide assistance and electricity.

Later in the evening eat in one of the restaurants of Dugi otok for example the Gorgonia Grill    https://www.gorgonia.hr/gastronomy-3/
Don’t miss the sunset from its pier because it is beautiful!

Dugi otok travel guide third day excursion to marine National park Kornati

Spend the full day in the Kornati National Park.
The Kornati islands is for instance an archipelago of 150 islands south of Dugi otok. In particular it is an archipelago with the largest number of islands in the Mediterranean Sea.The departure is besides always at 9.30 am. This journey catapults you certainly into a parallel world out of time.
Now you are in a magical place and you don`t want to leave it.

This is a trip for the soul !

Dugi otok travel guide fourth day kayak rental

Start the day four with a kayak ride. During the morning the sea is calm and sitting close to the surface of the water is exciting. Also bring your picnic with you. In fact you will reach beautiful hidden coves where you can swim and snorkel. For some ideas we refer you to the blog  https://www.gorgonia.hr/dugi-otok-kayak-tour/

After enjoy the sunset with an aperitif in Soline at the Bar Sol. In fact every evening the sun offers a great spectacle!

Dugi otok travel guide to spend the fifth day at the lighthouse Veli Rat

Firstly spend the morning walking to Lucica bay near to the Mandarino campsite. Bring mask and fins in particular because in a few meters of water there are two wrecks to see. From one of them you can notice a piece on the surface.

Secondly in the afternoon go to the lighthouse. It is in particular the highest in Croatia. Futhermore ask the lighthouse keeper to let you go up. You pay about twenty kuna.
The spiral staircase is really long but the view is priceless!
Later wait for the sunset in one of the bays of the lighthouse because it is beautiful!

Dugi otok travel guide Telascica park

On day six go to the south. Stop in the middle of the island and take a swim in the bay Brbiscica. The road to access this beach is very steep but the little beach is nice. The parking lot is tiny so that only the first tourists will find space.
Firstly swimm in this cosy bay and have picnic. Later in the afternoon go to the Telascica Nature Park. At 4 p.m. the large crowds of people coming on boats from Zadar and Sibenik will leave Park so that you can enjoy it in peace.

And don`t forget to take an apple to the donkeys. You find them in particular near to the salt lake. The animals will be happy!
You can swimm in the lake as people say that its waters are therapeutic. Above all the sea with its crystal clear water is better!  At the right end of the lake the path reaches the open sea. At this point people have built many stone turrets. It is truly a very special place !

After go tot he cliffs where you certainly have a stunning  view. At last stop in one of the restaurants in Sali for dinner.

Dugi otok travel guide seventh day boat rental

In conclusion the last day. Spend the full time renting a boat. Go to the wreck Michele to snorkel and discover Kablin Bay.  You can reach this place just by boat.
Bring your picnic and fill yourself with positive energy. Specifically, you can only hear the cicadas and the scent of maritime pines. Above all you enjoy the sun’s rays on your skin and feel this delightful feeling of being out of time.
This is the magic of Dugi otok!

Wish to visit Dugi otok? Check out our site:  https://www.gorgonia.hr/

Information how to arrive to Dugi otok: https://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/ferry-croatia
Line Zadar Gazenica – Brbinj.



We are Miriam and Gianni, sea and good food lovers. We like spending our evenings drinking wine and chatting with our guests.

We speak several languages and this opens our doors to the world.

We love Dugi otok and to share our experiences about the island.

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