10 reasons to visit Dugi Otok

Kornati National Park

Early in the morning you leave the vacation rental towards the south of Dugi otok. In the village of Zaglav you board the boat of Ive’s family, a captain with great experience and as much sympathy. You sail along hidden coasts and coves, diving into a parallel world, frozen in time. Colours, scents and sensations of wonder alternate. It is a trip for the spirit whose memory will warm the heart on cold winter days.

The Telascica Natural Park

The Telascica Park of Dugi otok is reachable in one hour by car from the apartments. If you have little wish to walk you can reach the highest point of the Park by car. From the former military heliport you have a magnificent view of the Kornati islands and the salt lake Mir.

The lighthouse of Dugi otok

The lighthouse at Dugi otok is the highest in Croatia. It retains a special charm and from its top you have an incredible view. We recommend a visit in the late afternoon. You have a view of the islands Ist, Molat and of course Dugi otok. You can also see the Velebit mountains, located behind the city of Zadar and you have a view of the Panther Bay in which are located our holiday apartments.

The sandy beach of Sakarun

The sandy beach Sakarun is one of the few in Croatia. It is about twenty minutes walk from the apartments. It is ideal to visit it outside the month of August, when it is overcrowded.

The bay of Veli Zal

From our apartments you can reach the beach of Veli Zal in about twenty minutes by car, towards Sali. You pass the village of Dragove and take the paved road towards the open sea. In the morning the sea is calm and has beautiful colors.

Kayak tour in Pantera Bay

It starts at the pier right in front of the holiday home. You walk along the coast to get a view from the sea of the villages Verunic and Veli rat. Then paddle towards the north of Dugi otok. We recommend a stop for a swim at the red lighthouse.

Cycling on the Polje cliffs

We like leaving the apartments in the late afternoon and head to the cliffs in the north of Dugi otok. Initially we bike along the promenade of the village Verunic. At the village Polje, the road leads to the open sea. The path is good for the spirit : the view of the sea is wonderful and at sunset you might see dolphins.

Live the days as in the past

At Dugi otok time seems to have stopped. To experience the island at its best, we recommend to take off the watch for the entire holiday and let to be carried away by the natural rhythm. As soon as the sun rises, the cicadas remind us that it is time to go out to discover the island.

As the sun goes down, there are wonderful trams, especially from the pier in front of the Gorgonia Apartments, or from the lighthouse. It is the cricket that fill the sounds of the night and the little fireflies that give brightness.

In Dugi otok you also have a wonder night vision of the stars : Cassio Pea and the Big Wagon appear above the apartments and it seems as if you can touch them.

Dugi otok Island without traffic lights 

There’s no traffic on the entire Dugi otok. The pleasure of driving on a perfectly maintained road surface, but without roundabouts and no traffic lights are pure. Sometimes it is possible to leave the apartment and not to meet cars until to Sali. In some parts of Dugi otok the island narrows so much that you have a wonderful view of the sea from both sides.

Evening in a restaurant sea front

Nothing better than ending a day in one of Dugi otok’s restaurants. In almost every village of Dugi otok there is at least one restaurant. It is an opportunity to taste traditional dishes such as Peka, where the food is cooked for a few hours under an iron bell. The villagers use to cook different dishes in this way, such as octopus, some types of meat and fish, enriched with island herbs.


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