Sourdough starter in Croatia

First of all here on the island of Dugi otok we love to cook and eat well. So that we always use top quality ingredients for our dishes. Second today we would like to tell you how we created our sourdough starter.
In the first place the first ingredient is patience because the process is quite long and slow. But in Dugi otok in Croatia the concept of time is very relative because the days flow pleasantly quiet and free of stress.
With this in mind here is our recipe.

Beginner sourdough starter recipe in Croatia

200 grams of all purpose flour
100 ml warm water
1 tablespoon of honey

Before you put the flour in a bowl and add warm water little by little. When you have obtained a soft dough form a ball and carve a cross on the top. Then place it in a lightly floured bowl and cover it with a dishcloth and cling wrap. Now let the sourdough starter rest for 48 hours at a temperature of about 25 degrees.
After 48 hours take 100 grams of sourdough and add 100 grams of flour and 100 milliliters of water. Without delay you mix everything and repeat the process since you have to leave it rest for another 48 hours.
To summarize as a sourdough is made of living bacteria keep on feeding it. Consequently once a week you will have to remember to refresh it by providing it with nourishment which will help the leavening process.


How to refresh a sourdough starter in Croatia

Under those circumstances we gave a name to our sourdough starter. Hence this may sound odd but since we always carry it around with us and because it has to do good things we named it “Johnny be good”. Since it needs constant care it follows our movements and now for example it is in the vacation rental in Croatia in Dugi otok.

Practically feeding your sourdough starter means adding a mixture of flour and water to your existing starter to keep it alive and nourished. For this reason feed it regularly once a week.
We keep or Johnny be good sourdough in a covered glass jar in the refrigerator.

Above all when we want to make pizza or bread we must always remember to make the dough a day in advance. This is because leavening is slow and very long. But the result is absolutely worth the wait because the bread comes out of the oven crispy and tasty!


Sourdough starter history

Furthermore history tells us that around 2000 B.C. someone left some dough for unleavened bread under the Egyptian sun. Under the heat of the sun’s rays the dough ferments and swells. To the end this dough is then cooked and it is discovered that it is light and better.
For this reason people repeat this operation because they observe that the dough swells and forms grat bubbles and they can use it for the next production.

Certainly it is also interesting to know that yeast is different according to the geographical location. To clarify in fact environmental conditions modify microbiological proliferation.

Surprisingly elderly people on the island of Dugi otok tell us that in addition to weather conditions the mood of the kneader has an influence on the success of the bread. As a result women tell us that when they are happy and serene they bake delicious crusty bread.

Holidays in Croatia with the sourdough starter

To conclude let’s remember that bad hygienic measures or abnormal temperatures can kill it. Henceforth we must absolutely take care of it and treat it well.
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