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Firstly if you are looking for a nice place to fish in Croatia then you are on the right page! Namely Croatia with its rivers, mountain lakes and the Adriatic sea has a lot to offer for sport fishermen. Thus in the following blog I will take you on a discovery of a place in the middle of the Sea. Specifically on a quite unknown island far from the flow of tourists. Let’s go to Dugi otok one of the best islands in Croatia opposite the city of Zadar. It is not far from the mainland but far enough to remain isolated and quiet.

Fishing charter in Croatia

Moreover in our fishing team there is Mario and me. Additionally of being father and son-in-law we share a great love for the sea. In particular we have been passionately practicing different types of fishing for a long time. During the last years we have had the opportunity to learn the various fishing techniques from world and European champions who came to fish in these transparent waters. Expressly with them we have shared exciting moments at sea and pleasant evenings in their company. Meanwhile we love to fish we also enjoy ending the day chatting with friends over a glass of good wine.

Let’s start with fishing from the boat, a light but very entertaining way of fishing.

Croatia fishing holidays from the boat

Most important the best time of the day for fishing is dawn and so it is for fishing from the boat. With the result that we go out with the boat. First we choose locations near to the coast. Second we study the sea current and then we anchor in the shallows.
We fish between 27 and 45 meters depth. Beyond here the results are better. To illustrate we specifically use different types of bait such as Rimini worm, fresh or salted mussels or squids for these fishing trips. Similarly the finals are composed of two or three hooks. Thorouhly we use rods from 3 to 4.5 meters long with sensitive tops that carry from 40 gr up to 120 gr.
Actually the skill lies in knowing how to find the rocky bottom and not the posedonia. In other words we have to understand on which side of the shoal is the fish.

Nevertheless every drop of the line is followed by the pull of the rod. The bream always gives us a good fight as well as the banded bream. Indeed for these moments the fishing from the boat is big fun.
Meanwhile have enough fish for dinner. Besides all fish from Croatia are good to eat!
Sometimes we decide to go further away from the coast of the island of Dugi otok to fish on the wrecks. So that we get near the islands of Ist and Premuda. Those wrecks are home to a great variety of fish from the smallest to the big predators.

Thinking about the big predator of the Adriatic sea we have in mind the big and strong tuna.

Tuna fishing Croatia

To fish in Croatia and catch tuna, you have to move away from the coasts and go towards the open sea.

The most practiced way to fish the tuna is to drift. Here we are surrounded by the calm sea and the beautiful colors of the coast. Usually we wait for the sound of the buzzer. Therefore when we hear that sound the adrealin goes to the stars. Finally the fight starts and the tuna makes us understand its strength as its resistance seems unlimited.

Certainly the equipment from the line to the knots, must be absolutely perfect. While fighting the clutch must be adjusted in order to tire the fish but not compromise the line. The physical strength is put to the test. Fact is that this kind of fishing gives endless emotions. Specifically the most thrilling moment for us was when, while searching for tuna, we happened to hook a swordfish.  Alike the TV documentaries we still see the scene. The fish jumped completely out of the water, beautiful, strong, huge and only a few meters away from the boat.
During the evening we use to enjoy a good dinner with friends at our Grill Gorgonia  chatting and reminding the day emotions.

The following day to rest from the output with the boat we fish from the coast.

Fishing Croatia coast

The coast of the island of Dugi otok offers various possibilities for fishing both from the beach and from the rocks. You can choose a gently sloping seabed for fishing the bream. Breams are the prey that offer the fisherman a great thrill. Besides we get the best results by fishing at night or early in the morning and especially in the months of May, October and November.

In like manner we often choose sandy bottoms where the protagonist is the murmur. Considering a good bait and fishing at night we are almost sure to feel its delicate presence on our rod. Especially on the seabed mixed with rock we find beautiful breams both real and wrapped.

Analogus another exciting fishing that we like to practice often is rock fishing for snapper. Often we choose the place where the seabed degrades quickly where the king of fish roams. In truth it is greedy for a good head of Rimini worm or a live bait. Nevertheless the difficulty lies in the recovery of the fish since it tries to get into caves in the rocks.

Another good way for catching snapper is trolling.

Trolling in Croatia

To troll is an art. For example there are so many details that must be put into practice. It is a complex fishery that requires a lot of precision.

In detail we start by getting up in the dark. We leave the apartment to embark and get the bait. With a little technique the bait is assured. Namely the set-up must of course be very good. Afterwards we have to choose the position. However it depends on the time of year on which depth to tow. On the other hand the constancy of following a given bathymetric as well as the direction of navigation at a given point are fundamental. Equally important as well as difficult is to understand the currents and to know where the predator is.

At the same time we’ve learned a lot over the years.As a result in the open sea of Dugi otok we have caught very nice snappers. Amberjacks are also common prey. On the contrary of the snapper, the amberjack is a very combative fish and it is great to fish.

Generally in Dugi otok we see both amberjacks and snappers underwater as well, but we will dedicate another section to this.

Spearfishing in Croatia

Croatia has an indented coastline and many islands which makes it a paradise for spearfishing. Except for the national parks spearfishing is possible everywhere. In Dugi otok we have a lot of fun. Over the years we have come to know incredibly beautiful seabeds in the area.

In truth the seabed always fascinates us and the direct contact with the fish is fun. Indeed we are lucky to have great encounters with snappers and whole schools of amberjacks every September.

The vacation apartment in Dugi otok is an excellent starting point for wonderful places. Considering to discover this still untouched paradise and have a holiday on the island with friends or family find some information below .

Information for fishing in Croatia and license online

Buy Croatia fishing license online here. Permit is required.
If you want to spearfishing in Croatia then it is better to contact one of the fishing clubs. They will send you the license by e-mail. Get here to the link of a competent club in Zadar.

About fishing charter in Croatia information you can contact our team here and to know where to stay here.
This is a cozy family-run vacation rental  with a small restaurant in Dugi otok. An ideal starting point for a fishing holiday in Croatia but with the beautiful sandy beach Sakarun for children.

Info for fishing in Croatia and license online

Get the highway from Rijeka or Zagreb to the town of Zadar. Secondly the highway ends in the port of Zadar-Gazenica from where the ferry to the island of Dugi otok departs.

The trip takes 1.5 hours and the cost of the ferry is 4 euros per person and 23 euros for the car. There are 2-3 trips per day. Once you get to Dugi otok, you will reach Verunic, a small fishing village and a timeless paradise, in 15 minutes by car.

Ferry timetable click here.

Enjoy your trip!





We are Miriam and Gianni, sea and good food lovers. We like spending our evenings drinking wine and chatting with our guests.

We speak several languages and this opens our doors to the world.

We love Dugi otok and to share our experiences about the island.

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