Ferry to Croatia

Croatia is a land full of charm and history. Moreover a vacation in these places leads to the discovery of a new culture with tastes, scents and a language with melodious sounds. In particular it’s a country to discover set between the Adriatic Sea, its many national parks and the hinterland with rivers and castles.

Meanwhile the idea of vacation for us is linked to island and Croatia has many islands, so let’s depart.

Croatia by car or ferry

For instance many people ask us if it is better to come with or without a car. Therefore we thought to write the following lines to answer all the doubts about the ferries.

Croatia has a new and phenomenal stretch of highway. For example the capital Zagreb joins the Dalmatian city Zadar in 280 km with a 16 Euro toll. Equally important you can reach most of the islands by ferry. Besides there are usually buses on the islands.

Croatia ferry to islands from Zadar

Firstly the city of Zadar has two active harbours. One is located in the old town which is a real architectural jewel. We highly recommend you to plan one day of your vacation in this town.
The old city walls surround the old town which is still accessible through three gates that date back to Roman times.

Secondly passenger-only ferries depart from the harbour of the old town. Specifically the ticket office of the Jadrolinija agency is located next to one of the old gates near to the long pedestrian bridge. Departing from here is always a great pleasure because while waiting we love to sit in one of the sea front bars to watch the people and the movement.

Finally if you travel by car you have to go to the new harbour Zadar Gazenica.

Harbour Zadar Gazenica and car ferry

On the other hand the second harbour is located a few kilometers south of the old town. Namely if you arrive from the north on the motorway you exit at Zadar 2. At the same time is you travel with a dinghy or a boat, it is very easy to maneuver as from the exit of the highway to the pier you always proceeds straight ahead.
How you get to the islands in Croatia by car is by ferry and you can buy the tickets in advance online on the Jadrolinija site by clicking here.  On the site you find prices and timetable for each route.

From Zadar Gazenica you reach the following islands: Ist, Olib, Silba, Premuda, Lošinj, Ugljan, Zverinac, Molat, Dugi otok, Iz, Rava, Sestrunj and Rivanj.

Futhermore we recommend arriving half an hour before departure. Again in the summer months even one hour earlier as well as you already have the ticket. Similarly in July and August it is absolutely necessary to reserve your place online otherwise you risk risk of not boarding.

On the left at the harbour square in addition to the ticket office, there is a well-stocked grocery store, a beautiful playground for children in the shape of a ship and two bars. The bus stop is right on the pier. If you need a taxi you must remind to book it in advance and provide the time and origin of the ferry so that the driver waits directly at the pier.

By bus from the harbour you get to the center of Zadar and to the airport as well with just a bus change at the central station.

Croatia ferry to Italy

Further the harbour of Zadar is also connected to Ancona. Not only but also the trip is particularly beautiful during the hour-long sailing in the Zadar archipelago. Here you can see the Velebit mountain range and many islands. Likewise you see some medas that mark the shoals, some rocks and chapels that arise in the most unexpected places. So that you just want to get off the ferry and discover every piece of land that emerges from the Adriatic Sea in such a fascinating way!

On board there is a good restaurant, a duty free shop and of course the berths. Yet if the crossing is during the night it is pleasant to enjoy a sleep completely lying down.

Ordinarily the trip from Ancona to Zadar takes about 8 hours and the departure is usually in the evening.

Which Croatian island to visit

Dugi otok is one of the best islands in Croatia. When people ask us which island to visit we answer Dugi otok. Specifically the island has some magical characteristics. Above all in the north and in the south there are two narural parks including Telascica. Moreover Dugi otok has one of the few sandy beach in Croatia, the Sakarun beach. Thus the Kornati National Park can be reached in one day from any village on Dugi otok, for example from Verunic it takes 45 minutes by car.

Dugi otok is also the outermost island from the mainland and the city of Zadar and therefore one of the most intact.

Brbinj is the main harbour as the village lays in the middle of the island Dugi otok. By car you can easily reach every village as the road is in excellent condition and without traffic. There are no traffic lights or circles and the pleasure of driving is pure! From Brbinj it takes 20 minutes to Sali in the south and the same time to reach Verunic located in the north. So that from the harbour to the vacation apartment it is a short way.

When leaving Brbinj for Zadar and you travel by car especially during summer arrive at least an hour earlier to the harbour and keep in mind that on Saturdays there is a lot of traffic.

Jadrolinija ferry information

First on the Jadrolinija ferries there is always a corner for children. As a result that it will not be difficult to entertain them during the crossing. Second on board at the bar you get drinks and snacks.
Dogs are just allowed in the outdoor areas with a muzzle.

To illustrate all the tiny harbours on the islands have a the ticket office wich works at reduced hours. With the result that for example in Brbinj it opens only a few minutes before the departure of the ferry. You can pay for the transfer in both Kuna and Euro.

Those arriving without a car find a bus belonging to the Autotrans company. Bus stops are directly in front of the ferry arrivals. Drivers are always very friendly and willing to give information.

Ferry check-in

Boarding procedure is always very simple and quick. Upon arrival you must park in the queue. At the ticket office you get the number of the embarkation pier and the staff then reads your ticket and shows you where to park. Pay attention to the instructions of the sailors on board. They decide where to park according to the size of the car and its weight as the aim is to balance the ferry.

Same thing happens at disembarkation as the staff instructs how to leave the ship in an orderly manner.
Guests often ask us if it is possible to change a ticket. Even so employees tell us that as far as possible the request is accepted without extra costs to be certain please contact the ticket issuer in advance.

Enjoy your trip!

What to bring on the board

It may seem trivial but we answer questions that guests ask us.
Consequently in times of pandemic it is normal to think about the mask. Whole Croatia would like to have the islands Corona free for the summer for this reason the vaccination campaign is proceeding as fast as possible especially for elderly people and personnel working in the tourist sector.

Bring a good book because on board the ferry you can easily relax. It is the best time to enjoy reading because you are finally on vacation and you abandon thoughts and stress.
Playing cards is what every villager has in its pockets when boarding. Often people of the island take advantage of the crossing to meet, chat, exchange ideas around the ferry table. A game and a cup of coffee strengthen friendships and relationships between neighbors.

Medicine against seasickness is to carry if you have a delicate stomach. Even if you have to consider that the sea is never rough because the itinerary is always between the islands.

Air conditioning is often a problem since it is always cold on board. So better to have something to cover yourself.

Croatia apartment near the sea

All over the island of Dugi otok you find apartments for rent and hotel rooms. During the high season it is better to book in advance.

Two campsites on Dugi otok are both located in the north of the island, one at the lighthousen and the other near to Verunic.
The sandy beach Sakarun is situated in a green protected area. Walking distance from the three villages Verunic, Veli rat and Soline. Futhermore in July and August Sakarun beach is also connected with Bozava by a tourist train. From the northern villages the park Telascica and the Kornati park are 45 minutes by car away.

Information about comfortable accommodation with apartment near the beach Sakarun and restaurant in Dugi otok click here.



We are Miriam and Gianni, sea and good food lovers. We like spending our evenings drinking wine and chatting with our guests.

We speak several languages and this opens our doors to the world.

We love Dugi otok and to share our experiences about the island.

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