Eco friendly lifestyle in Croatia

We are convinced that all of us are responsible for the health of our planet, even in our own small way. With our actions we influence the environment in which we live. We are specifically responsible for preserving the nature of the island of Dugi otok. It is a fragile ecosystem, forgotten for hundreds of years in the middle of the Adriatic sea and now a popular holiday destination in Croatia. In the winter the island has a population of 1500 people, while in the summer, with the vacation apartments at maximum capacity, there are 10 000 people.

Eco friendly apartments in Croatia

What do we do for the environment? We have invested money in works in order to protect the nature in Dugi otok.
We have a purifier for dirty water. In this way we are able to recycle the water and use it to water the plants and flowers in the garden.

There are solar panels on the roof of Gorgonia Apartments that heat the water. In this way we have a saving on electricity production.
There are 3 large cisterns to collect 400 000 litres of rainwater. On the island we do not have sweet water, but in the village Sali the municipality has invested in a desalinator to meet the needs of water for the villages of the south of Dugi otok.

Eco friendly holiday in Croatia

We daily strive to protect the beautiful island of Dugi otok.
All biodegradable waste that the restaurant kitchen from Gorgonia Grill produces is collected and used for composting. We use the product of this process to fertilize the soil of our vegetable garden.
In the store we have abolished the sale of plastic plates, cutlery and glasses. We also no longer use plastic bags, although in many places the plastic bag is still widely used. Moreover we no longer keep fruit juices and beers in plastic bottles in the store.

We use biodegradable cleaning products to clean the holiday apartments.
We use to sensitize the staff and guests of the vacation apartments to use little water. For example, turning off the faucet while soaping hands or brushing teeth.

A timer turns off the lights in the garden at midnight.
We try to buy only local products for the restaurant kitchen: they are often more expensive, but in this way we help the local economy and the well-being of the Earth. The less goods we have to transport, the less pollution we produce.

Every little change may seem small, but it makes a difference. When you get used to it, it becomes the norm and the world will slowly become cleaner again.
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We are Miriam and Gianni, sea and good food lovers. We like spending our evenings drinking wine and chatting with our guests.

We speak several languages and this opens our doors to the world.

We love Dugi otok and to share our experiences about the island.

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