Dugi otok

Dugi otok is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia.
First of all the island is the outermost of the archipelago and for this reason it retains a lot of charm.
Secondly thanks to the international airport in Zadar it can be easily reached by low cost flights from European cities. In particular then the ferry takes 90 minutes to make the crossing from the city Zadar to the port of Brbinj.
Moreover the journey to the island already becomes part of the vacation. Thanks to the slow progress of the ferry and the good smell of the sea, you can relax so much that as you approach Dugi otok you will enter a state of well-being.

Futhermore all the villages on Dugi otok are situated on the eastern side while the western side faces the open sea. In fact a single road with little traffic connects the villages from north to south. Specifically it takes 45 minutes by car to drive along its entire length. In other words wherever you find your vacation rental in Dugi otok you can reach the other end of the island in no time.

Above all one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia is located in Dugi otok and it is Sakarun beach.  Similarly there are beautiful beaches at the Veli Rat lighthouse, the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea. Not to mention the spectacular view from the top!

What to do in Dugi otok? During the months of May and June you will be enchanted by the blooming nature and the Mediterranean scents. In addition there are few tourists and you will have the island for yourself. Not to mention the temperature of the sea that already allows you to swim. Similarly it is the ideal time to practice activities such as kayaking, biking, Nordic walking because the sun warms up in a pleasant way.
During September and October on the other hand are special months for taking wonderful pictures. This is due to the special light and air of these months.

Finally tipps and activities and what to do in Dugi otok.  Spend your evenings in the restaurants of Dugi otok   and let yourself be overwhelmed by the magic of the island!

Information about the ferry you can find them here.  and for curiosity read also our blogs.


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