Dugi otok

The villages of the wonderful island of Dugi otok with Mediterranean climate are all situated on the eastern side, their names are: Verunic’, Veli Rat, Polje, Soline, Božava, Dragove, Brbinj, Savar, Luka, Žman, Zaglav and Sali.

A road connects the north to the south of the island; it takes 50 minutes by car to cover its length. The road is really panoramic: on one side you can see the horizon on the open sea, while on the other side you can see the islands of the archipelago.
The asphalt is in excellent condition and given the scarcity of traffic is ideal for cycling.


Miriam and Gianni

23287 Veli Rat – Verunic, Dugi otok, Croatia
Tel: 00385 91 737 9823

Reservation center in wintertime:
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