Diving in Croatia in Dugi otok

Croatia diving holidays on the island of Dugi otok
The island of Dugi otok is morphologically interesting: it is sixty km long and in some places less than one km wide. The view from the airplane or on the map is a curiosity. In some places the coast descends steeply into the sea and these places are very interesting for divers. From a depth of 5 meters the seabed plunges suddenly to 35 and then immediately to 45 meters. These steps are narrow and the vertical walls are full of holes and colored gorgonians. Beneath the walls lies the white Caribbean sand.
In the northern part of Dugi otok, near the village of Verunic, the seabed is characterized by a long stretch of rocks: underwater walls run along the edges of the island for almost the entire northern and western part and descend steeply to the bottom. For this reason, the area is super interesting for divers.
The whole area has a special geological conformation: to the south there is the Kornati National Park, a wonder of nature!
Diving into the underwater world of Dugi otok fills with emotions. A visit to this mysterious and silenced world offers unique experiences. The waters of the Adriatic Sea are calm, the sea temperature from May to October is pleasant and there are no dangerous animals as in tropical seas. 

Croatia diving first course on the island of Dugi otok

The first approach to diving is its preparation. The Bozava Diving Centre of our professional friends Hans Georg Hassmann and his partner Gabriele Sindicic, known by all as Gaby and HG, will take you enthusiastically into the underwater world. They offer the opportunity for everyone to try diving for the first time. The right feeling is immediately created with them. Especially for the first dive it is important that you create a good feeling with the person you accompany on this wonderful adventure.
First mask, fins and regulator is adjusted to become familiar with the equipment, then we drive to a bay to experience what it feels like to breathe under water. You will not forget this experience of that first moments of smouldering!
Diving is not for everyone, but those who give in to the new sensations fall in love with this new world!

Croatia diving center in Dugi otok

is a small SSI and CMAS center located in the village of Bozava, in the harbour of the village. Since 2005 Gaby and Hagi, a nice German couple, have been running it with great passion with their team. They know well the waters surrounding the island Dugi otok and offer daily fun and safe diving experiences.
SSI stands for Scuba Schools International, which was founded in 1970 in the United States. In just a few years the school expanded into 90 countries and trained high quality instructors and students.

Croatia diving sports in Dugi otok

There is nothing better than enjoying a coffee or something non-alcoholic after the dive in the bars of Bozava directly nearby.
You can end the day in one of the restaurants in Dugi Otok on the seashore.

Diving Croatia in Dugi otok

How to get to Dugi otok? The island is easily accessible from Zadar. There are several flights, even low cost ones like Easyjet or Ryanair that fly to Zadar. From the airport in twenty minutes by bus, or taxi, you reach the harbor Zadar Gazenica. While waiting for departure you can enjoy a good glass of white wine and enjoy the sweet sea air.
The Jadrolinjia ferry also loads the car rentals, which can be rented at the airport. The crossing to Brbinj is pleasant: you will pass through the Zadar Channel and between the islands you can sometimes see dolphins.
Besides diving there are many other things to do in Dugi otok.

Ecotourism Croatia in Dugi otok

Come and discover this island still outside of mass tourism. You will be able to admire the most valuable natural scenery in Croatia. The crystal clear blue sea, tranquility and the rhythm of the island will win you over. After only a few days in Dugi otok, one regenerates from the hectic city life.
The Bozava Diving Center is waiting for you for funny sea excursions while Gorgonia Apartments offers its services and activities when you are out of the water!




We are Miriam and Gianni, sea and good food lovers. We like spending our evenings drinking wine and chatting with our guests.

We speak several languages and this opens our doors to the world.

We love Dugi otok and to share our experiences about the island.

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