Coronavirus and holidays 2021

At the present time we are very happy to write that the pandemic situation in Croatia is improving. In fact on all the islands of Croatia the elderly are vaccinated. Especially also people in the tourism industry have received at least the first dose of vaccine and are expecting the second. By all means this is because Croatia wants to make the islands Covid free for the summer.

Croatia coronavirus update

Likewise for the latest information on the health situation in the country you may click HERE. Croatian authorities update data on the COVID 19 pandemic situation.
Specifically during the worldwide pandemic we have learned how quickly the general situation can change. So that the rules and regulations vary.

Although we trust that the vaccine will help make the situation better everywhere in the world. Namely we also believe that summer temperatures and days spent outdoors will make a good contribution to the pandemic fight.

Croatia coronavirus restrictions

First to enter Croatia all persons over 7 years of age regardless of their country of origin must present a negative PCR test or a rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 at the border.
Second you should do the test 48 hours before crossing the border into Croatia.

Third is that quarantine only needs to be done by the person who does not provide a negative PCR or rapid test done before crossing the border. These people will have to do the test in Croatia and isolate themselves until they get the result.

Fourth for simple transit there is no need to prove any documents.
Finally before entering Croatia it is recommended to fill in the form on the entercroatia website by clicking HERE.

Travel to Croatia coronavirus swab test

Therefore if you are not able to do a swab before entering Croatia you can do it in some places once you cross the border. HERE you will find a list with the contacts of the centers in Croatia.

Coronavirus holidays abroad on the island Dugi otok

Significantly the vaccination campaign on the island of Dugi otok is proceeding at an accelerated pace as the summer is approaching. Because as everywhere else in the world there is a great wish to return to the life we are used to , and restaurants and hotels are committed to making sure that tourists have a safe vacation.

To emphasize especially an island like Dugi otok which lives thanks to tourists knows how important the cleanliness of the vacation rental and the health of its guests is.

How safe is Croatia coronavirus

In the first place medical care in Croatia is guaranteed in hospitals in large cities. However in all villages there are doctors and small clinics. For example on the island of Dugi otok there are three doctors working in the villages of Bozava, Zman and Sali, where there is also a dentist.

Nevertheless if you need special medications we strongly recommend that you have a sufficient supply and take them with you on vacation.
But if you are taking special medications for example for the treatment of mental illnesses check with the consulate of your country whether there are special requirements for entry into Croatia.

However pharmacies in Croatia are well stocked. Saying that it may happen that the drug you use does not have the same name but you only need to know the active ingredient and the pharmacist will suggest the corresponding medicinal.

Croatia coronavirus news

It must be remembered that at the moment it is mandatory to wear a mask on all public transport and in enclosed spaces such as stores and banks

Croatia coronavirus rules

Hence all advice given is based on our own sources of information. Yet if you have any health concerns and need specific advice, we recommend you to contact the consulate before your trip to Croatia. For the reason that in the last year of pandemic the situation in the world changes rapidly everywhere.

Ultimately it can always be useful to have a travel insurance before your vacation in Croatia.


Which croatian island to visit

Dugi otok is one of the best islands in Croatia. Especially well known thanks to the Kornati National Marine Park   and the Nature Park Telascica
People also come to visit it because of the sandy beach Sakarun.

To clarify Dugi otok is a 60 km long and at its narrowest point 2 Km wide island. Correspondingly it is the outermost of the Zadar archipelago and for this reason it is full of charm. Despite the concept of time is not defined and therefore one can easily adapt to the slow rhythm of the solar cycle. Meanwhile this is the right place for relaxation and physical activity. Here you can recover the mental and physical well-being in order to face the long winter months.

Croatia apartments near the sea

Gorgonia apartments are located in a quiet area facing the sea in the village of Verunic. They offer vacation rentals and comfortable suites with nearby restaurant. Also bicycles, kayaks and boats rentals.
For information and contact in Dugi otok you can click HERE.

Besides here we are all vaccinated.

Island Dugi otok how to arrive

Overall the nearest airport is in the city Zadar whose airport abbreviation is ZAD.
As well the nearest highway exit to the harbour of Zadar Gazenica is number 2. From there ferries depart for the islands of the archipelago. The line to consider is Zadar Gazenica – Brbinj.

HERE information and tickets



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