The Island

The IslandThe Island

“Long Island” in Croatian means Dugi otok: it lays is in the Adriatic Sea, located near to the town Zadar. The shape gives the name to the island: it is 45 km long by 5 km wide.
The wonderful island of Dugi otok, with a Mediterranean climate and is visited by few visitors. The diet of the locals are fish, sea food, olive oil, figs, cheese and wine. Every native has at least one olive tree. A visit to Dugi otok is a step back in past years, with an ancient pre-Roman church and some Roman ruins.
The villages are on the eastern side, the settlements are: Verunic’, Veli Rat, Polje, Soline, Božava, Dragove, Brbinj, Savar, Luka, Žman, Zaglav and Sali.

The Northern part is characterized for the nice beaches:
-fine sand beach Saharun
-growle beaches round the lighthouse
-caraibic beach Veli Zal

The Southern part of the island is characterise:
-natural park of Telascica, a deep fiord with few islands and high clifs
-national park of Kornati, archipelag with more than 150 island

There is only one street which connects the northern and southern part of the island. It takes about 40 minutes by car to drive across Dugi otok.
The street is panoramic and from one side there are many small islands of the Zadar archipelag and from the other, the open sea.
There is not much traffic and is ideal to ride the bicycle.

We suggest to visit the island and our apartments Dugi otok by car. On the island there are no connections by bus between the North and the South of the island.
The only bus leaves from the ferry harbour Brbinj to villages of the North every time the ferry arrives and leaves for Zadar.
By car you have the chance to reach bays which is impossible to reach otherwise. If anyway you wish to come without car we rent bikes and motorboats.

Dugi otok is an ideal place for:
-a relaxing holiday for the whole family
-people who like nature and peace
-discover forgotten bays and beaches
-typical Dalmatian cuisine in small restaurants
-practicing nautic sports