Croatia bicycle tour in Dugi otok

To begin with we are in Croatia where the sea is most beautiful and today today we take you for a bike ride that we really love. In particular it is a circular route of a few hours starting from the vacation rental and stopping at Sakarun Beach, Veli Rat lighthouse and Pantera Bay.
Are you ready to saddle up?

Start from the apartment near sea by bike

We are in Dugi otok one of the best islands in Croatia. Before we fill our water bottle put our bathing suit and towel in our backpack and get on the bikes.

First the vacation rental Gorgonia is the last house by the sea in the village of Verunic. Now we ride our bikes for a short distance along the shore. After about twenty metres we turn left. As soon as we arrive at the small church in the village of Verunic we stop for a moment in silence to look at the graves. Shortly in these places we rethink the meaning of life and how happy we are to be healthy. We must enjoy every moment of the day!

Quickly after the church of Sant Antony we turn onto the dirt trail. After all it is a wide road with many white stones in the green.


Croatia biking along the fields of Dugi otok

Since we cycle along the trail there are fields around us. By the time we know that in past days all the inhabitants of the village of Verunic used to spend their days working the land.

Now there are only a few people left who are involved in agriculture. Overall there are still lands with tomatoes, salad and you can see a lot of spinach. However most of the land is now occupied by olive trees. Certainly the oil is divine because it is pressed cold only once.

Futhermore the road ends in the bay of Lokva. There is no real beach but the sea is crystal clear. Besides you can have a great swimm from the last pier. Especially it’s like being in a swimming pool.

Above all the Adriatic Sea is so beautiful!


Lucica Bay in Dugi otok

Without delay we turn our bikes around and ride the path backwards. Meanwhile when we return to the asphalt road at the little church in Verunic we pass the bus stop and take the main road downhill. Shortly after the last houses of the village a dirt trail on the left invites us to enter. Hence in about ten minutes we are again at the sea this time in the bay of Lucica.

Here in a few meters of water there are two wrecks to see. Surely put on your mask and dive in because it’s worth it!

Finally refreshed and dried we get back on the bike and take the main road towards Brbinj.


Beach Sakarun in Croatia

Now the road is slightly uphill. Next we pass the camping Mandarino and at the large intersection follow the signs. At the present place the path is unpaved but in good condition. Sakarun beach in Croatia is one of the few sandy beaches in the whole country. But that’s precisely why it’s packed with tourists in the summer months. Families with small children especially love it because the seabed slopes gently.

Among trees the path is sometimes narrow and passes through a wall. Definitely the route is very impressive!

For the most part we ride on white stones and pass the restaurant Amarcord to follow the shoreline. Thuly the scents in the air are of aromatic herbs that grow everywhere.

Cape Lopata in Dugi otok

Ultimately we arrive to the promontory of Cape Lopata. Important to realize that it is a beautiful place because it is a small peninsula where you have the sea on both sides. On one side we find a wonderful bay of white pebbles.

Consequently here it is absolutely worth to leave the bikes and lie down on the towel. Away from Sakarun it is definitely quiet. Because we always feel like snooping around, we leave our bikes on the beach and walk around the peninsula. Soon we reach the open sea and look out over the horizon. In the distance we often see dolphins passing by, but we must arm ourselves with patience and scan the surface of the sea until we catch sight of their beautiful dorsal fin.

Next we continue our tour. The path is wide but with some large stones. During the winter time the stormy sea ruined the path. For some short sections we prefer to push the bike and proceed on foot.


Trail to the biggest lighthouse in Croatia

When cycling we inhale the sea air. Dugi otok is far away from traffic and city stress. Over all it is just the perfect place to relax! Where there are no factories or industries for miles and no traffic. Few tourist vehicles only drive between the beaches and the vacation rentals. Indeed the air is really pure !

Moreover we continue the ride in this wilderness while our thoughts are positive and with good intentions.

Again on the main road we ride straight ahead following the signpost to the lighthouse in Veli Rat. Together we proceed on the asphalt road. The height difference is never great and that’s also why we like the route. Otherwise we would sweat too much and we don’t like that! Obviously we are not great sportsmen!

Of course you have to know that the lighthouse of Veli Rat is the highest in the Adriatic sea and its construction dates back to the time of the Austro-Hungarians. That is to say because the view from the top of the lighthouse is absolutely spectacular and it would be a pity not to make the climb during the holiday in Croatia!

Beyond the lighthouse and the camping Kargita we really like the sea and the coves that invite to stop.

Pantera Bay in Dugi otok

In conclusuin we arrive to the Bay Pantera. Frequently here the sea is calm in summer. Particularly there are many sailors who like to find refuge in this place to spend the night. To point out the seabed is completely sandy. First thing to remember is that the beach is made of small stones so a towel or even better a small mattress under the butt is very welcome.

Explicitly the bay is exposed only to the jugo a wind from the south. This is a peaceful place and generally not very crowded. After a swim we are back in the saddle. This time we divert to the village of Veli Rat. Henceforth we stop to enjoy a juice at the bar and then in thirty minutes we go back at our apartment in Verunic.

Ultimately it took us a full day to do this tour because we stopped in many places to swim, but you can also make it two hours.

Apartments in Croatia near the sea

Information about the tour or the vacation rental in Croatia you get HERE.
How to get to Dugi otok information HERE. Consider the line Zadar Gazenica – Brbinj .

Further we offer bicycle rental service and assistance.

Which croatian island to visit for the holidays in Croatia? If you are in doubt about which island to go to, Dugi otok offers a good solution. Island Dugi otok has unspoiled nature with two nature parks Telascica and Kornati that you can reach by day trips from the vacation rental. Above all it is also the furthest island of the archipelago and you arrive in 90 minutes by ferry. Families with children will love Sakarun beach, while adults can go fishing, kayaking or try diving for the first time with the diving club.


We are Miriam and Gianni, sea and good food lovers. We like spending our evenings drinking wine and chatting with our guests.

We speak several languages and this opens our doors to the world.

We love Dugi otok and to share our experiences about the island.

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