Olives Dugi otok

Olives Dugi otokOlives Dugi otok

Between mid and end of october the olive fruit matures and that is a good timing to pick them up. The locals of Dugi otok notice this when the olive matures from green to brown and it start to soften. At this moment olives are considered at the peak to be transformed into oil.

It is very important to find the good moment because this fact makes a change of the oils quality. Locals have even to remind that the more the olive is on the tree the lesser flower there are in spring, and this influences the quantity of oil the following year.

In the village Verunic’ near to our vacation rentals Dugi otok every local owe at least some olive tree and in October they are all in the field picking those fruits up. There is the chance to helping those people doing so, or simply to have a look to follow the production of the olive oil.
Before starting with the oil extraction olives have to be cleaned by removing leaves, twings and dirt.
Locals bring the olives to Soline, a village near to Gorgonia apartments Dugi otok where there is an old stone press. The used method is the traditional one: the first cold press to get the best possible extra virgin olive oil. The oil maintains all its genuine qualities. This method is less used just because it is very expansive, since the locals use the rest of the olive components to fertilize the land and for no other purpose.