The geographic position of Dugi otok is characterized by many small islands on one side and the open sea on the other side. This characteristic is important in the case of strong wind in order to find a protected position for fishing every day. There are a lot of interesting positions, many places where the sea is not deep, where it is possible to fish a big fish from the boat with a living byte or calamari’s. The most important pleaces for fishing is near our  villages of Verunic and Veli Rat or nearby island Molat.

Type of fishing:
-big game for tuna fishing
-trolling for the big fish with a living byte
-deep fishing with best byte: alive sea worm and seashells
-surfcasting and rockfishing from the beach and rocks
-underwater fishing on wracks

In the summer month it is possible to have good results, but we suggest to come in Spring or Autumn.

The team Mario & Dani:
-owns fishing boats
-full equipped
-gets you bytes
-speaks several languages

The boats:
-fisherman with cabin 8,20 meters, Yanmar disel engine 2×240 hp, full equipped
-inflatable boat 7 meters, Mercury optimax outboard engine 200 hp,full equipped

In order to fish in Croatia , it is necessary to have a fishing licence  that is obtainable from Croatian local offices or travel agents or on the site

Gianni and Mario the fishing team, have been fishing the area of Dugi otok for over 30 years.

We promise you that we will always provide you with the excellent service you have come to expect from us.
Since many years we have the ability to handle large to small fishing groups. With our expertise we can help you find the best possible place to catch the fish of your dreams,  Tuna, Dentex or other big fish. We can’t wait to talk to you about planning your trip.

For people who like to feel the emotion of fishing the big strong tuna fish in the open sea, from novice to expert anglers, you will enjoy a nice fishing day on the island of Dugi otok. You’ll find more information on the page: