Excursion to the KORNATI –the marine national park:
We organize a day excursion to the Kornati park. A motorboat will take you to see part of the national park. You’ll have the chance to swim, eat fresh grilled fish and other genuine specialities under chilly olive trees.
With 35 kilometres length and 150 islands, some large, some small, in a sea area of about 320 square kilometers, the Kornati are the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.There are just very few houses built on the islands: the most have no one.
Land and sea are within the protection of the National Park.
Fishing is extremely limited in order to allow the regeneration of fish and sea life.

Wreck excursion in Dugi otok:
As a snorkeling destination Lagnici Island is very nice and situated close to our accommodation: it is almost on the northern fringe of Dugi otok seas, which means the island’s waters are filled with fish. The island is also home to the famous shipwreck Michele, lying in waters so shallow that their upper superstructures poke out of the sea.

The main attraction for snorkeling tours is the wrecks that now serve as a magnet for marine life. Home to myriads of fish species and coral formations, snorkeling around the wrecks can be an amazing experience with fish swimming around. Michele can be reached by boat (boat rentals Dugi otok).

You can see the wreck from the lighthouse beaches. The lighthouse is the highest in the Adriatic sea, situated near to our Gorgonia Apartments. It is situated on a rocky cape. Situated at the north end of the island, the high lighthouse was erected by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The views from the lighthouse are simply amazing and it is one of the best places to see impressive 360-degree uninterrupted views of the island.

Other wrecks where snorkelers may see fish lay in the bay Lucica, reachable in some minutes walk from our vacation rentals, being the most easily accessible place.

Blue cave Dugi otok:
The speed boat excursion to the blue cave sets sail at 10:00 from our Gorgonia Apartments Dugi otok. The journey by speed boat to the beach Veli Zal takes 30 minutes.
Spend time at beach and swim in the crystalline waters surrounding the island of Mezanj. A small coffee bar is situated in the shadow of a big pine tree.
After the free time at Veli Zal beach Dugi otok we embark once again on the speed and we are taken to the Blue Cave, where the speed boat will anchor and the guests swim into the cave. The entrance is not wide but very high. Colours of the water are fantastic due to angle of sunrays inside the cave. At the bottom of the cave there is a stone beach where a hole allows sunlight to illuminate the place: a wonder.

Visiting the cave “Strasna pec”:
This cave is a visit worth to understand Dugi otok’s history. It is believed that the early humans from the island lived there. The cave is reachable from our vacation rentals Dugi otok in 25 minutes by car. The asphalted street is without cars with fascinating views.

Natur park Telascica:
The Telasica Nature Park is situated in the South of Dugi otok. The Telasica fjord is a 8 km long and narrow inlet with 5 small islands. For its characteristics it is a good protected natural harbour where boats find refugee against winds. On the side of the open sea the land is steady and its cliffs disappear in the blue Adria. The highest cliff measures the height of 161 m. It is nice and relaxing to visit this area reachable in 50 minutes drive from our apartments Dugi otok.
Under the sea level there are corals, gorgonian corals, sponges, crabs, fish and dolphins. Many bird species nest on the cliffs, like the falcon.
The salty lake Mir lays in the southern part of the Park. The water is salty because it is connected to the sea: it is 6 meters deep and in summertime it is possible swimming in this hot waters or walking around it. When you plan a visit to the Teasica Nature Park we suggest to leave our apartment Dugi otok early in the morning or in the late afternoon in order to avoid tourists visiting the park during the central hours of the day arriving by boat from Zadar and Sibenik.
Bring an old apple with you: wild donkey will appreciate it!

Visiting the harbours of the submarines:
This submarine bunkers were built to protect submarines from air attack. They were built by the the Yugoslavian army during the 1970. The Yugoslavian Navy was a coastal defense force with the mission of preventing enemy landings along the Yugoslavia’s rugged 4,000 kilometer shoreline or coastal islands, and contesting an enemy blockade. In Dugi otok there were built 3 submarine pen near to our apartments. Now they are abandonned. It is interesting to walk inside and have a look at those buildings. You’ll have the chance to see where soldiers were sleeping. They are all located in the northern part of Dugi otok: bring a lantern with you.

Visiting Zadar:
Zadar is a Croatian town on the Adriatic Sea. Zadar County is in north Dalmatia.
Zadar adopted Roman urban rules developing a flourishing centre on the Adriatic coast. The town has the typical Roman street system: the structure of the plan is rectangular. In the 3rd century Zadar had its own bishop and the community on Christians took place. With the time walls were fortified and gates were built. In the Middle Ages, Zadar fully gained its urban aspect, which has been maintained until today.
We suggest to visit Zadar during your stay at our apartments Dugi otok. Take the first ferry in the morning and be back in the afternoon or evening.

The church St.Donat: built in the 9th century was built following the style of early Byzantine architecture. The ground plan is circular, while the interior is simple and unadorned. It is nice to refresh there during the hot hours. It’s no longer used for services.

The city walls:  a tour of the walls provides a good insight into the history of Zadar. Have even a look at the four old city gates.

In the meantime sit in a coffee bar like the locals love doing.
What you should not miss is the Fish and vegetable Market: full of locals, tourists and many bright colours.

The Sea Organ: Zadar’s Sea Organ is incredible and unique. The stone stairs were perforated and descend into the sea. It is a system of pipes and whistles that produce nice and different sounds when the movement of the sea pushes air through it.
It is a nice place where to relax after walking along the green promenade along the cost and where to swim in summertime.

The Sun Salutation: is situated next to the Sea Organ. It consists on glass plates layed on the ground that collect the sun’s energy. So much energy is collected that the entire harbour lighting system is powered by it. Locals love fishing from the piers and many tourists visit this place, especially at sunset, when the nature gives spectacular sights.

There are lots of Museums to vistit: the Ancient Glass Museum, the Archaeological Museum , the Museum of Church Art and many churches.

National park Plitvice lakes:

Since you are in the area, when you leave our apartments Dugi otok, we suggest to plan a visit to the National Park Plitvice, reachable in 130 Km from Zadar.
Since the Plitvice Lakes area is very big we suggest to plan your visit. There are guided path to follow: the minimum tour takes 2-3 hours, the longer ones 6-8 hours, depending from which entrance to the park you take.
There is a system of 12 lakes on the upper side of the National Park. Through a waterfall of 78 meters, the highest of Croatia, the upper lakes are connected to the lower ones.
In this marvellous ecosystem live a large number of animals, like the brown bear, the wolf,  the lynx and many kind of trees. Following the different trails you’ll find interesting information explaining facts about this ecological system.

National park Krka:

Since you are in the area, when you leave our vacation rental Dugi otok, we suggest to plan a visit to the National Park Krka if your way takes you to the south,  reachable in 94 Km from Zadar.
The park is open all year round and there are 5 enterances. The Krka Park presents seven travertine waterfalls and in the surrounding nature 860 recorded species were found.