Beaches Dugi otok

Beaches Dugi otokBeaches Dugi otok

The Dugi otok beaches are very close to our vacation rental Gorgonia Apartments. Each beach has a different characteristic. The Dugi otok coastline is always changing, due to weather, wind, waves, and tides. The landscape ranges from rocky hills,  to pine trees, sheer cliffs, rocky shores and the sandy beach in the north.
National, state and coastal park protect the coastline with the Telasica and Kornati park protecting the waters and sea life.

Over time, the Adriatic sea has carved solid rock into pocket beaches, some half hidden among the jagged cliffs that still bear the pounding of the waves. This contrast of bays and cliff enhances the magic of the Dugi otok coastline.
Most of the road which takes from north to south of Dugi otok is a narrow lane challenge that can bring smiles of wonder at the same time as your nails are digging into the steering wheel. The nature provides an almost continual contrast of colors of sea, land and islands.

Dugi otok sand beach Sakarun
is very close to our apartments Dugi otok.
This is one of the most natural and unspoilt sand beaches in Croatia and is ideal for any number of beach activities from swimming, walking, to beach fishing or just lazing in the sun. Families love it since children play without dangers.
The beach lies in the north of Dugi otok and the absence of rocky outcrops in the water results in a vista of endless sand that stretches as far as the eye can see under the sea surface.
Beneath the waters, the sand plains harbour a vast array of marine life. Snorkeling you’ll discover many species living in the sand.
This beach will offer you clean white sand in sea, outside pebble and a natural pine tree environment, which will create the perfect holiday location.

Dugi otok beach lighthouse
Natural shadow is provided by the pine trees in both pebble beaches. The contrast of the colours is spectacular and it is one of the most photographed points.
A campground along the cliff offers sites for tent campers.
Visitors are welcomed with a free car park.
The rocky shore is excellent for wildlife: shells can be found with careful hunting. Seasonal refreshments by the campground.
Nearby the lower shore is full of rock pools teeming with life: it is fascinating looking at the small sea life creatures.
The lighthouse is not far away from our vacation rentals Dugi otok.

Dugi otok beach Veli Zal
It is well used but never crowded since lesser known beach in Dugi otok. In summer it is a splendid place for children to play on the pebble building small houses with the wood. It is a very sheltered location: the green hill reflects it colors into the sea creating magical colors. The place is perfect in the morning before the Maestral wind begins to blow, making it generally suitable for families and marine nature enthusiasts. Coming from our vacation rental Gorgonia Apartments it is reached past the village of Dragove. On arriving at the sea the visitor will find a small car park near to the harbour. To the right this road ends in a footpath which between a rosemary path leads to the bay.