10 reasons why to choose Croatia as holiday destination


Sakarun Beach, Dugi otok

When you think about Croatia, you immediately think of summer and sea.
Its wonderful sea is obviously the first reason we will consider. Croatia overlooks the Adriatic Sea for 5835 km.
You are spoilt for choice about where to spend your holidays: 1246 islands, as well as the wonderful cost on the mainland. The bathing season begins in May, when the water reaches 20°C and until the beginning of October it maintains a pleasant temperature for swimming and water sports.

Croatia offers accommodation of all kinds, from the most prestigious hotels to the simplest rooms. If you want to enjoy your holidays in complete freedom and discover the culture of the place, we recommend renting one of the many apartments, for example
an apartment in Dugi otok.
Link to the Croatian tourist office: https://croatia.hr


Kornati National Park


This is the most known and most visited Park in Croatia. The place is famous for its many transparent lakes, with sixteen waterfalls and caves. There are many hiking trails that take between water and alpine forests. In the summer months the park is overcrowded, so it is advisable to visit it in spring or autumn.
The site is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. The park is located near Zadar, on the road to Zagreb.


A visit to this place takes back in time and reminds to our close bond with nature. The park begins south of the island of Dugi otok.
The day trip takes along small islands that get lost in beautiful blue sea. The scarce vegetation on the islands highlights the contrast between very clear land and blue sea. It turns out to be a place of rare beauty!
The ideal starting points for visiting the Park are Dugi otok, Zadar, Sibenik and Murter. It is ideal to stay in an apartment Gorgonia Suite  and leave for the day trip to discover this enchanted place!


This park is located near the town of Sibenik.
The area covers about 110 km2 and is named after the 70 km long river Krka. Over the years the river Krka has created terraces and eight waterfalls. In summer it is crowded, but it is pleasant to take a swimm in the cool waters and enjoy the landscape.


It is a mountain area with peaks over 1700 meters. This place is very popular for hikers and climbers. It is located behind the city of Zadar. There are two canyons that can be tackled by canoe.
The place is ideal for sportsmen and nature lovers.

There is also the NATIONAL PARK BRIONI ISLANDS, in Istria, near the town of Pula. (https://www.np-brijuni.hr, the NATIONAL PARK OF MLJET, near the town of Dubrovnik ( http://np-mljet.hr) and the NATIONAL PARK OF RISNJAK, located in the north of Croatia, near the town of Rijeka ( https://np-risnjak.hr).

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Zadar old town

In order not to spend the whole holiday immersed in the sea and in its wonderful nature, it would be a shame not to dedicate time to its cities.
Zagreb is the capital and with its international airport could be a good starting point to discover the country.
Continuing southwards you will come across the town of Zadar which overlooks the Adriatic Sea. A place inhabited by the Greeks, then it became a Roman colony and later the town was for centuries one of the most important cities of the Republic of Venice. Walking through its streets you can taste the times that were. https://www.zadar.travel
Further south, on the sea you will find the town of Sibenik. This is the oldest city founded by the Croats, which in 1412 entered the Dominions of the Republic of Venice.
Split is the second largest city in Croatia in number of inhabitants. The city is full of traces of its glorious past, a visit to Diocletian’s Palace is definitely a must. https://visitsplit.com
The southernmost city in Croatia is Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. The city has well-preserved buildings and its old town is characterized by its imposing walls. http://www.tzdubrovnik.hr



One of the main attractions in Croatia are certainly the beautiful villages of Istria. Rovinj: the old town is located on a promontory, with narrow houses and many alleys. The fishing village retains its own special charm.
In the Euphrasian basilica of Porec you can admire the Byzantine mosaics rich in gems. In summer the village becomes a destination for many young holidaymakers. https://www.myporec.com
Pula is situated on the tip of Istria and is known by yachtsmen for its protected harbour. It has Roman ruins and a well preserved amphitheater. https://www.pulainfo.hr
Motovun is located in the center of the peninsula. It is a special village and an attractive destination for its monuments and the delicious white and black truffle, that are picked nearby. It has the same quality as the truffles from Piemonte.
Opatija is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Croatia. The town overlooks the sea and offers a wonderful walk along its shores.


Croatia is one of the sunniest regions in Europe. Sailors and boat lovers love to return year after year to the Adriatic Sea. The clean sea, the coastline and the calm of its waters are an attraction for lovers of boating holidays.

The airports of Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, being well connected with European cities, make it possible to get from north Europe to the cabin of the boat in a short time, ready for holidays on the islands. Nothing better than renting a boat and discovering Croatia from the sea.


Lighthouse, Veli rat , Dugi otok

The bond between Croatian men and the Adriatic Sea has always been very close. Tourists are also looking for excitement during their holidays: in Croatia you can practice all kinds of fishing, from trolling, to bottom fishing, from speardiving to shore fishing.
Fishing permit is mandatory: you can buy it online at the following website: https://ribarstvo.mps.hr/default.aspx?id=5010

For exciting fishing trips to Dugi otok


More and more people like to dedicate their holidays to heal body and mind from stress. Croatia offers many opportunities in this area with its spas. Topusko Spa, for example, ranks third in Europe for the quality of its waters. The town is located about seventy kilometers from the capital and the water at its source is between 68 and 72 degrees Celsius.
Other renowned spas are located in the towns of Varazdin, Koprivnica and Cakovec.


Eating has always been a necessity, but in recent decades it has become something more. Knowing local customs allow to better understand the culture of a country.

In Croatia, on the coast, Mediterranean cuisine is the master. The main star are the wide varieties of fresh fish, with potatoes, tomatoes and olive oil. There is no shortage of shellfish and good white wine.
In Istria, white and black truffles are added to all of this.
Slavonia is inspired by the Austro-Hungarian cuisine and since the climate is colder, the dishes contain sauces, bacon, lard and a lot of meat.

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Croatia is a nation of great athletes.
The national football team ranked second at the World Cup in 2018. A great result for a small county! Football is not the only sport in which Croatians excel, but also tennis, with the great Cilic, and in basketball, the NBA boasts numerous talents. Handball and skiing are other disciplines in which Croatians are very good.

For this reason, coming to Croatia for holidays and practicing sports is easy. There are many places that offer different indoor opportunities, in addition to the sea, where water sports are for everyone.


Pantera Bay, Dugi otok

Everyone in life wants to do absolutely nothing at some point. In Croatia, people like spending hours in the many cafees scattered throughout the country, drinking coffee and chatting in company.

On holiday there is nothing better than sipping a drink and letting feet dangle in the sea giving free rein to the thoughts.


We are Miriam and Gianni, sea and good food lovers. We like spending our evenings drinking wine and chatting with our guests.

We speak several languages and this opens our doors to the world.

We love Dugi otok and to share our experiences about the island.

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